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Interested in adopting a rescue? We have some great pups looking for forever homes!

When you adopt a pet, you are saving a life.

Status: Available
Welcome Tosca! She is a 5 yr old Olde English Bulldog. Very sweet and cuddly! Likes to play in her yard and house, go for rides and walks (during off peak times)

She does not want other dogs, cats or kids in her home and prefers someone that is home most of the time.

She prefers a low key, traffic home.
If you are interested in Tosca Please click link below!

Welcome Chewie! He is 2 years old and not dog friendly. We are waiting on some updates and will let you know soon!
Ella & Alexa
Status: Available

Hey Girls! These two are a pair! Ella is 3 & Alexa is 1. They play well with other children but not so good with small kids or other dogs and cats. If you are interested in these two click link below!
Hey Twinkie!
Twinkie is 9 yrs old and She is not fond of other dogs or cats and would prefer kids 15+ in her new home. Overall she is a great girl with lots of love and affection to give and will make a great companion for anyone that meets her requirements. If you are interested in Twinkie, click link below!
Status: Available

Welcome You BIG Hunk! This two year old OEB 60 pound chunky monkey loves humans. He will not allow any pets to step on his turf. He must be a no pet household. Bean is not a fan of loud noises and would prefer a calmer household therefore an adult household would be best. If you are interested in Bean click link below!
Status: Available
Bogey is an Olde English Bulldog.
He is 11 months old.

No other dogs, cats or kids in his new home, prefers someone with him most of the day and a single person home.

He needs some work on his leash skills and lots of room to run and play as he has a lot of energy. Would make a great hiking buddy.
Status: Available

Welcome Winnie! Winnie is 7 yrs old, gets along kids and cats but can be a little dog selective! She is known to have some skin issues and allergies.
Status: Available

Welcome Diesel! This hunk is 3 years old. He is no longer getting along with children and is dog selective. So no dogs or cats and kids 15+ in his new home. If you are interested in him please click link below.
Status: Available

Welcome Molly! Shes is 4 1/2 year old sweetheart. Molly was brought to us when her family just no longer had the time she deserved. Molly is kennel trained, can be left alone and gets along with other dogs and cats! If you are interested in Molly click link below!
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