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Rescue is a safe way to ensure your pup gets the forever home they deserve!

Surrender Process


In many cases owners request to be kept in the loop on the progress and placement of the pet which we are more than happy to do. Each dog is also provided with their own Blog that serves as their online diary, which makes it very easy to read about their progress with just a few clicks or your mouse. If you have something else in mind we are open to discussing it.

We have been doing Bulldog rescue for some time and we are local. This insures that we can give each dog the care they need and deserve without being stretched too thin, we also have the option of tailoring to each placement. We understand it is very hard even thinking of the next home your dog may be going to. Rescue is a great resource that many people don't even know is out there. We are all VOLUNTEERS, volunteering so your pet can find the type of home you would want for them. We keep track of the dogs that come through our group like they were our own pets, and become the main contact on their microchips for their lifetime. If in the rare occasion something happened to the dogs family and they must be re-homed again they MUST always come back to us, this is in their adoption contract. All new homes are also encouraged to join our online email groups.

All dogs that come into our organization get the following consideration:

  • Any and all care they need all expenses paid, we fund raise all the time for this.

  • Microchip (PNWBR is always listed as the main contact for their life)

  • Spayed or Neutered (if they have a medical condition that prohibits this they are only placed in homes where this will never be an issue or used in anyway, this is very rare)

  • Dogs only go to homes that are perfect for THEM

  • We do mandatory home checks for every prospective adopter

  • We request new owners/adopters to join our rescue's forum or other online group so keeping in touch is easy

  • We have worked with and placed Bulldogs & Frenchie’s of all ages, and all kinds of health conditions.

  • We are a totally non-profit group

  • We make rescue contacts with people daily, we do whatever we can to help bulldog & Frenchie owners in the public.

  • Rescues do not only help and place troubled or ailing pets, many come to rescue for reasons out of their parents control, and that are completely healthy.

  • No matter what brings a dog to our group our main goal is to place those in a perfectly picked forever home.

  • We have helped so many people and dogs where do we start and stop? We really would love to help your Bulldog or Frenchie find her forever home.

  • We do hope you will consider us.


We have helped many dogs find new homes. We only place them in homes that are perfect for them!  If you are thinking of re-homing your dog yourself and they are not spayed or neutered, this is a good thing to have done prior to adopting them out. This will help you and your pet, by weeding out people who just want to breed. There are people out there who will breed a dog who is elderly and can barely walk, so always spay or neuter first for the sake of your dog.

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